Household Moves:

Your worry-free move is executed every step of the way by our professional permanent staff. From the best drivers in the business and careful and courteous packers, to behind-the-scenes schedulers, our expertise shines through.
Whether your new home is located in the next block, across town, across the country or around the world, Skyline Movers has the experience to safely move your valuable household goods.

Your possessions are moved in a well maintained and weather proof van, equipped with only the cleanest protective furniture pads and packing materials. Regular sanitizing intervals, including insect prevention, are strictly adhered to on our moving vans. Air-ride suspension ensures a smooth ride. See for yourself how spotless we are when we arrive for your move.

Safety is a commitment of people and equipment. Skyline Movers combines these resources and stringent standards that exceed industry norms to provide safe, on-time delivery.

Skyline can pack everything from computers to fragile dishware to works of art. Special containers are used to protect and cushion your goods, while custom crating can be created for your valuable artwork.

On long-distance moves, Skyline Movers prepares an itemized and numbered inventory of your possessions which includes a detailed description of the condition of your items at the time of loading.

Skyline Movers maintains and operates a certified scale which helps to eliminate delays and can expedite the time of your move.

Office Moves:

Your office move is often much more complex and logistically demanding that the average household move.  That’s why Skyline uses trained personnel accustomed to every phase of office moving.

Skyline has the right size van for every office move.  Often in-city moves are limited by building access and clearance heights.  We’ll pre-plan carefully to get you the required equipment.

Planning is the key to a successful and speedy office move.  All items are color coded for delivery to the proper floor planned location in your new offices.

Many companies wish to leave their old digs and be back in business Monday morning.  Depending on the size of your move, this is a realistic goal in many cases.

Often one person in your company has responsibility for your move.  Skyline provides a liaison person during all planning stages and a key person during the move itself to directly handle all your needs.

Equipment Moves:

Your move of high-value equipment is handled by a specialized division of Skyline Movers made up of our most experienced drivers and personnel who are trained to handle these most demanding challenges.
All vans are equipped with air-ride suspension to reduce highway vibration to an absolute minimum. Padding and protection ensure the van insures clean, safe transport.

The logistics of moving your equipment may require the use of special handling equipment. At Skyline Movers, this equipment is available to you along with experienced crews trained in its use.

A designated section of our heated warehouse is reserved solely for high value equipment. This is only another aspect of Skyline’s commitment to total excellence in an area of moving that lesser companies don’t even attempt.


When storage is required, your household goods are placed in their own vaults separate and apart from all other stored items and are fully protected and padded so that even long term storage keeps your belongings the same as the day they were packed.

Insurance rating companies inspect our storage facility on a regular basis. Skyline has always enjoyed an excellent rating and has even been designated by the government as a “military approved warehouse” which is the highest standard we know.

You can feel good that your furniture and belongings are protected from warping and cracking that can occur with long-term temperature variations.

Your large items of furniture are never stored on end or at an angle that could cause structural stress or damage. Anything too big for your vault receives special handling and proper storage.

Your possessions are protected from fire by a sprinkler system that activates only where required.


You may elect to have Skyline Movers’ experienced and careful personnel pack all, some or none of your fragile items that require safe preparation for moving. Skyline Movers provides and uses cartons and containers that have been designed for use in the moving industry. Should you decide to complete some or all of the packing, Skyline will provide you with a “Doing Your Own Packing” brochure that is filled with helpful information.